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BF*G Golf Gift Package: Perfect Golf Gift Package for Any Golfer

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The perfect gift package for any friends, family, customers and more! Great for birthdays and/or holidays!

 Send email to and include your order number and the person you would like the book signed for.

 SHARPEN YOUR GOLF SKILLS - Always bring your A-game in every golfing match. These golf gifts include an entertaining book to improve your finesse without changing your swing or expensive lessons.

FUN & EASY TO UNDERSTAND - Got your eyes fixed on the trophy? Master golf without suffering through complicated explanations. This golf book combines golfing wisdom with wit and humor.

DISCOVER GOLFING SECRETS - Start with the basics of swinging and work yourself up to creating a roadmap to your goals. Build consistency and eliminate bad golfing habits most beginners make.

BONUS BFG LOGO HAT - Show off your team spirit and protect your eyes from the sun's glare. This set includes a Richardson 112 trucker hat, made from premium materials for long-term use.

FANTASTIC GIFT FOR AMATEUR & PRO GOLFERS - Do you know any golfing newbies that could use some help in honing their golf skills? Give our book as a gift and as a reliable knowledge reference.

Not satisfied with your performance in the golf course?


It takes hundreds of playing hours to become a seasoned golf player, comprising of dedicated training and countless matches. It’s easy to feel intimidated if you’re just getting to know the sport, or if you’re stuck in a rut wondering how you can further improve.


Most people rely on replicating the playstyle of a touring pro. However, this method rarely works, thus wasting your time and effort. Are you ready to know how it’s done?


Pave your way to victories in the golf course with Paul Nardozzi’s’ Better *%!#ing Golf Gift Set!


Better *%#!ing Golf teaches you how to transform your game with clear, actionable steps, motivation, and insightful tips a golf player must know. Discover seldomly discussed techniques and use them for your next tournament.


Written in a manner that’s both entertaining and straightforward, this book shows you how to be consistent in every golf match while eliminating commonly made mistakes on the golf course. Let Paul Nardozzi’s experience and wisdom help you mold the competent golfer in you—a player not patterned to any individual in the sport.


The book also comes with a comfy and stylish Richardson Trucker hat. Wear it the next time you enter the golf course, get your head in the game, and apply what you’ve learned from your informative and fun-filled read.


More reasons to choose Better *%!#ing Golf:


✅ Covers basic and advanced golfing techniques

✅ A good read for both golf pros and amateurs

✅ A terrific gift for dedicated golf players and beginners


Get one step closer to a hole in one. Add Paul Nardozzi’s’ Better *%!#ing Golf Gift Set to your cart TODAY!