• 90% of Driver Shafts are Too Long

    What length is your driver shaft? For most golfers, the answer is “no idea”, “a bit longer than my 3-wood” or “not quite long enough to get me out of that bush when I’m using it to measure where I’m allowed to drop”. And why would you know or care? They’re all pretty much the same, right?
  • 3 Easy Ways to Make More Time to Practice Golf

    In today’s world, finding 4-5 hours to play golf is tough. Throwing in an extra 30 minutes to practice before the round? Forget about it! So, we all find ourselves in this predicament: “I want to get better at golf but I just can't find the time to practice.”
  • Best Golf Instruction Books in 2021

    Top 3 Golf Instruction books of 2021: 

    We have listed below some of the best golf instruction books in 2021. These books are particularly beneficial for amateurs.